Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Are the Fellows?

Those who know even just a few of us as acquaintances have described our group in various ways: an elusive co-ed Greek organization, an underground cult, a society of radical environmentalists that single-handedly recycled all the cardboard during move-in, and a Denison "special interest" club of tree-hugging upperclass students determined to recruit and initiate first-years into their tree-hugging ways.

While none of these perceptions of DSF is accurate (we are very much supported institutionally by Denison), it is true that some of us hug trees, and it is also true that a lot of our work is geared toward first-years. Not all of us are ENVS (Environmental Studies) majors; not all of us grew up in the woods; not all of us are vegans who eat tempeh for breakfast. What we do have in common is the passion to create healthy communities that thrive alongside the natural world.

Our aim is to role model sustainable lifestyle choices in first-year residence halls. The definition of sustainability we ascribe to is the "triple bottom line": people, planet, prosperity. Social, environmental, economic. We believe that we can't have one type of sustainability without the other two. In addition, we want to make sustainable lifestyles attainable. We want to make sure that students have the know-how to recycle, the resources to conserve energy, the knowledge to appreciate how environmental nuances of our everyday lives shape us.

Some of the ways we do this is through our Soup 'n Sustainability series, the Green Audit, Campus Sustainability Day (October 23rd), and our I <3 Granville campaign (membership for Denisonians is free of charge! Email Maria Mancini, to join! Also:

Next time we're tabling about green cleaning products, Nature Walks, or whatever, stop on by and chat with us! We're SO excited to get to know you :)


Okay, so we did do some recycling during move-in. 

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